A Good American

A GOOD AMERICAN is more than just a film. We need to get rid of this mass surveillance nonsense.

Mass surveillance is not only violating everybody's privacy - it also aids terrorists to reach their goal, because while filling the pockets of government surveillance contractors, it makes the intelligence analysts dysfunctional by flooding them with useless information. Analysts have been complaining about this for years. We have their testimony from the Snowden documents.

A GOOD AMERICAN not only tells the amazing account of the best code-breaker America ever had - it also tells the chilling story of a program that managed to find a solution against being flooded by useless information through filtering out UPFRONT the 99% useless data and focusing in UPFRONT on the 1% that were real threats, providing warning in milliseconds as threat-scenarios were building up, while maintaining the privacy of everybody else - just as a house-search would do.

As we are writing this, a battle is going on in our parliaments and institutions. In US Congress, in the UK Parliament, in the German Bundestag. Before the Austrian Constitutional Court. In Switzerland in the preparation of a referendum. In the Netherlands. And in many other countries. The battle is on between those who KNOWINGLY fail to provide security while stealing our privacy for the sake of power and money, and those who try as hard as they can to provide the best security while protecting our privacy and fundamental freedoms.

If we want it or not, everybody is choosing sides in this battle.

Including you.

Help us get the story out!

The story of ThinThread is a story everybody should know about. A GOOD AMERICAN is the first film to fully tell it.

This fall we try to get the film a theatrical release across the EU as wide as possible, while surveillance reforms are being debated. Early next year we follow-up with the release in the US, with the new Congress and the new President having taken office and important surveillance legislation being on top of the agenda (FISA expires in 2017).

Why a theatrical release and not just online? Because only a theatrical release gets the film and the story the widest possible exposure in the media.

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Help us get the truth out!

A GOOD AMERICAN is an incredible story, but it is a true story. The truth is encapsulated in this report:

Report 05-INTEL-03 - December 15, 2004 - Audit Report

by the Office of the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense. You can find a redacted copy of the report on Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Redacted-dod-oi...). The redactions were applied to entire paragraphs that were marked as "unclassified". This is a report that the public has a right to know about. It is the detailed report about ThinThread and how NSA management under Director Gen. Michael Hayden killed it.

But documentation and knowledge about ThinThread and its components must also be around in the following countries: UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway - because Bill Binney had kept the ThinThread program open-source with NSA's partner agencies in those countries.

We want to start campaigns to pressure for the release of documentation about ThinThread, linked to the release of our film A GOOD AMERICAN.

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Help us get a reform going!

We have been working with law-makers to make them aware that there is an alternative to mass surveillance. We managed to get official screenings at the EU Parliament and in the UK House of Lords. The German Parliament and US Congress are next on our list. But all of this political work costs a lot of time and money.

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Thank you!

Friedrich Moser